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The JJK Research product is distributed in succinct and articulate E-mails, and whenever necessary, follow-up phone calls and client meetings, which facilitate investment decisions made by Fund Managers, Buy-side Analysts, Private Equity Investors and Private Companies.

Specific company and competitive information will be drawn from the following sources.
  • Discussions with the Company's financial team who regularly speak with the analyst community.
  • Highlights of private or company held analyst meetings and industry sponsored events.
  • Company meetings hosted by Janet Kloppenburg for her clients.
  • Details of store walk throughs around the country.
JJK Research provides insights into a specified group of specialty retailers and branded manufacturers to help investors assess the following:
  • Current fundamental strength on a company specific basis
  • Fluctuations in competitive positioning within the industry
  • Determination of an individual company's execution vs. expectations and outlook for sustentation of these trends.
  • Judgment of the quality of a company's long term growth programs, including the potential of new concepts and new market opportunities.
JJK research takes a comprehensive approach and focuses on the multitude of variables necessary for a company's success and sustained growth. This effort includes an analysis of the strategic, market positioning, merchandising, operational and real estate issues facing the company. This approach, in tandem with Kloppenburg's continuing assessment of prevalent as well as emerging trends in consumer spending patterns and fashion direction, allows JJK Research to deliver a value added product.

JJK Research maintains a strict research Compliance policy (available upon request), with all research approved by a Compliance officer prior to dissemination.

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